• Dr. Sonal Naidu Addal

Quick tips for cavity free teeth!

I'd like to begin by giving a brief introduction about 'Cavities', also known as Tooth Decay. For a cavity to form, there needs to be tooth, food particles and bacteria in mouth(a separate post on how they come, to pop soon). When this combination happens, the bacteria decompose the food available and thereby produce acid which takes away the calcium from tooth, and thereby make a crater where further food deposition occurs and the cycle now gets vicious till the tooth has a hole and starts showing symptoms of cavity.

Coming back to our topic, now that we know


here tooth will be there, and we cant stop having food so the only factor which we can keep a check on is Bacteria!

We can reduce the number of bacteria to a great extent, by cutting off their food supply and that can be done by keeping our mouth free of food residues.

Let’s see how can we do that in simple ways !

1. Brush twice daily to wash off food remnants and also to avoid deposition of tartar and plaque.

2. Floss often, at least when you have fibrous food, which tends to get stuck in between teeth, for example, spinach, chicken etc.

3. A very less talked and advertised aspect is tongue cleaning! Do that daily, minute food gets deposited on tongue surface too.

4. Whenever you eat or drink anything, it can be a crisp or a cookie or your meal or even a beverage or a glass of milk, rinse your mouth with water. If that’s not possible take a sip of drinking water and squish your mouth with that and drink it up. I’m sure everyone has drinking water handy! This will help in immediate clearance of the food particles either inside the gut or outside our body. This trick really works well with kids (coming from an experienced mommy), whether you’re in party or travelling this is very doable!

5. Another trick for everyone and especially kids is whenever you eat something dark in color(not white) and sticky, like chocolate or cake or cookies, try and see your teeth and mouth immediately after that in a mirror, you’ll see exactly where food is getting stuck and those are the areas you need to be careful about. (Another mommy hack of mine ;) )

6. Biannually get fluoride treatments done! They will really save your from a lot of trouble ahead. (will discuss about them in another article)

7. Most cliched tip is to get your dental check-up done biannually or at least annually once.

Hope this will help you improvise your oral hygiene practices, a little tweak in our daily habits can prevent cavity almost forever!

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