• Dr. Sonal Naidu Addal

How much Fluoride in tooth paste is good??

Fluoride is a very important rare mineral for our teeth and bone health. Fluoride is obtained through drinking water, food, fluoride treatment or supplements and through toothpastes. There are many benefits of fluoride(which will be discussed in an article soon). Fluoride containing toothpaste or fluoridated toothpaste are used in different concentration depending upon the age group and need. We basically divide them into three categories, namely:

A. For INFANTS – TILL THE CHILD STARTS TO SPIT PROPERLY(usually 3-4 years), for infants who start having their first tooth to toddlers and early schoolers who can’t spit very well we should use NON- FLUORIDATED toothpaste or toothpaste with 0 fluoride content in it, which is the infant formulation. This is because such small children tend to drink up their saliva while brushing, and if their toothpaste contains fluoride, they are taking inside fluoride in a very small quantity, on a daily basis. Which means there is chronic intake of fluoride, in minutest quantity daily. This causes systemic problems later on in life, when bones have issues. This condition will be chronic fluoride poisoning. Also, if at all the child eats a blob of toothpaste by mistake, we are in a safe space.

As mentioned above, fluoride is a very rare mineral and we require it in very minute quantity in our body and any excess also causes complications!

B. For KIDS from 4 years to 10 years, as they have developed the skill to spit out the saliva and fluids post brushing, they should graduate a tooth paste which contains 450- 500 ppm of fluoride which is usually a kids formulation. They have milk teeth which are less in number and smaller in size, hence 500 ppm of fluoride is what is needed. Don’t use an adult toothpaste with them!

C. For TEENS above 10 years to ADULTS, now there’s this transition where most milk teeth in kids are getting replaced by permanent teeth and number of teeth have increased in mouth, plus new permanent teeth need more fluoride when they erupt. So we now graduate to 1000ppm of fluoride for kids above 10 years of age and onwards. This age group has honed the skill of spitting out after brushing perfectly and there food range includes everything as an adult and teeth are also permanent, some newly erupted, some already there. So they need more fluoride and 1000pm of fluoride is the highest level of fluoride which is used in tooth pastes.

I hope this explains well, when which kind of toothpaste should be used with what age group, when it comes to presence of fluoride quantity. These is a very simple information but a very important one when it comes to application!

P.S: Also along with this we also need to be very mindful of the amount of toothpaste to be used. I have written a complete article on the quantity of toothpaste to be used in my website, if haven’t read that, I’d request you all to go through it :)

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